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Privatepleasures & Bunny: Another trip to the sex swing

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"I help Bunny get her pictures posted and have a ton of fun doing it We enjoy doing photoshoots, and like doing them outdoors the most. Sometimes we seek out secluded spots and take some time arranging the scene."


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Privatepleasures & Bunny's Amateur Wife Photo Blog

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flag as inappropriate jackin    May 29, 2018VResident
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Fin hot photo

flag as inappropriate donn    Sept. 26, 2015
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Mmm.... I'd lick you clean.

flag as inappropriate ckhrd    Sept. 20, 2015
VCity Userpic

So cock hardening delicious. Did he taste you after? mmmmmmmmm

flag as inappropriate Dick "Rock Hard and Throbbing"    Sept. 3, 2015VResident
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Beautiful pussy.

flag as inappropriate dnd    Aug. 22, 2015
VCity Userpic

God love jacking off to that little drop of cum, sure wished you were on my face letting me lick you clean.........Mikey

flag as inappropriate Jim    Aug. 4, 2015
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Looks good

flag as inappropriate dnd    July 9, 2015
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Back jacking off to that little drop of cum again, i sure wished i was there eating that out of you and swallowing every drop, whoever s cum that is........Mikey

flag as inappropriate dnd    July 7, 2015
VCity Userpic

I never get enough of this picture, thinking of laying under you with my mouth open catching every drop of that hot thick white cum as it drips from you into my open and awaiting mouth, would love the taste and smell of you sexy body as i eat that cum out of you, don't care who's cum it is either as long as it is dripping out of you........Mikey

flag as inappropriate dnd    July 7, 2015
VCity Userpic

oh i forgot to mention that i have a nice big erect cock now looking at you and soon will eat my own cum out of the palm of my hand, by letting it drip off the end of my fingers like its dripping out of you......Mikey

flag as inappropriate hughjardon    June 20, 2015

love to fill you and clean you. awesome pic.

flag as inappropriate bema    June 11, 2015
VCity Userpic

Fantastic pussy lips!!! Mmm....

flag as inappropriate Rod    June 4, 2015VResident

I'd suck that load right out of your gorgeous, big lipped pussy

flag as inappropriate dnd    June 1, 2015
VCity Userpic

MMMMMMMM i want to eat whats dripping out of your pussy no matter who it came from, may i clean you up I promise i will swallow it all so not to leave a mess.........Mikey

flag as inappropriate Daddiesgirl and Daddy    May 28, 2015
VCity Userpic

Beautiful view and a creamy, delicious creampie as well.......xx0xx0x00

flag as inappropriate Jimi    May 23, 2015

Fantastic and such heavy suckable lips!!!

flag as inappropriate Paul    May 7, 2015
VCity Userpic

Wow! I'm hungry. What a beautiful mouthful.

flag as inappropriate Hung Boss    April 23, 2015
VCity Userpic

I love it! Beautiful pussy, I would love to suck on those lips.

flag as inappropriate pabe_frxx    April 10, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

we love your nice and sweety lips

flag as inappropriate hughjardon    March 22, 2015

love cream pies

flag as inappropriate RonB    March 22, 2015
VCity Userpic

oh yeah
i would love to eat you and make you squirm all over my face

flag as inappropriate Chuck    March 22, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Swing with me

flag as inappropriate PhxRising    March 22, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

What a beautiful sight! Such a hot looking pussy and so erotic seeing that cum dripping down. Great pic!

flag as inappropriate zippo9    March 22, 2015
VCity Userpic

A sure sign of spring in Canada when the "Eves" start to drip. ;)

flag as inappropriate sugar dick    March 21, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Mmmmmmmn!!!! Would love to see my cum dripping from your sweet pussy!!!!

flag as inappropriate twistinside    March 21, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

wow, love your open pussy and dripping cum. Would love to be me in there.

flag as inappropriate bobsy01    March 21, 2015VResident
VCity Userpic

Love her cum filled meaty cunt..
Love to empty my balls inside here having stretched her with my hard meaty cock..

flag as inappropriate Sunshine Wife    March 21, 2015VResident

This is a phenomenal pic, extreme sexiness!

 PrivatePleasures    March 30, 2015
VCity Userpic

Had fun taking it too:)

flag as inappropriate rahul dev    March 21, 2015
VCity Userpic

lovely dripping pussy

flag as inappropriate justrite    March 21, 2015

Wow,thats a nice pye!

flag as inappropriate 946    March 21, 2015

Added this picture to my favorites page. your lips are gorgeous.

flag as inappropriate 946    March 21, 2015

You gave me no choice but to follow your blog.

 PrivatePleasures    March 30, 2015
VCity Userpic

They wrap themselves around you and caress you ..

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